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our mission is built upon three pillars

Home to over 200 members, the UBC Marketing Association is one of the largest clubs and only marketing club at UBC. As the CUS Top Large Club (17', 18', 20', 22') along with Conference of the Year (20'), UBCMA strives to continue providing students the highest quality club experience through its three core pillars: Educate, Engage, and Execute. With our high-stakes case competitions, company fairs, mentorship programs, and action-packed networking conferences, UBCMA creates meaningful connections for students to the marketing industry—for the chance to become the next big marketer.

Educate: provide practical, real-world learning to marketing and instill inspiration in students to pursue marketing

Engage: facilitate the connection between students and industry professionals to support student career advancement.

Execute: create opportunities for students to fully apply their marketing skills and knowledge at various levels

meet the mafamily


Meet the forward-thinking leaders that guide the team towards success.

Megan Mar


Hi hi! I’m Megan - a fourth-year Sauder student studying marketing, with an interest in agencies and advertising. When I’m not chatting away in the CLC, you are guaranteed to find me either walking down to Acadia Beach, playing Cornhole on the turf field, or “studying” at the Gal (fun fact: I can recite the entire Happy Hour menu).

Grace Lee


Hey– I’m Grace, a 4th year student at UBC Sauder specializing in Marketing and Business Technology Management. I love anything fashion related and I’m always dreaming about the next outfits I can thrift and style. I also love impromptu adventures with friends, meeting new people and trying out new food places around Vancouver!


Carmen Chuong


Hey there! I'm Carmen and I'm a fourth-year Sauder student specializing in Marketing and a concentration in Business Analytics. Whenever I'm not working at one of my three jobs (yes, idk how I got here either), you can find me getting bingsu, playing sudoku on the treadmill, or pressuring my friends to hang out with me (yes, my love language is quality time). Feel free to reach out if you want to chat over an iced matcha latte :)
Say hello to the creatives behind all things social media!

Ethan Benidy

Visual Media Director

Hi, I’m Ethan and I’m from the Philippines! I'm currently a fourth year specializing in BTM and Entrepreneurship! I like to spend my free time delving into music such as piano and guitar, playing golf with friends, or hopping on League of Legends with the boys. If you want to chat about any of these (or more), feel free to send me a message!

Vickie Wu

Design Director

Hi hi! I’m Vickie, a fourth-year UBC Sauder student specializing in Marketing. Lately, I’ve been spending my time filming mini vlogs, designing posters, and going on sunset walks with my dog! If you ever see me around (my red hair is hard to miss) please say hi and let’s be friends! (:

Janelle Wong

Design Director

Hello! I'm Janelle, a fifth year in Business and Computer Science. In my spare time, I like to play badminton and hike. I also love to try out new food places so hit me up if you ever want some new recommendations. Come say hi if you see me around campus!
Janelle wong - headshot2.jpg

Nicole Leung

Digital Marketing Director

Hey! I’m Nicole and I’m a fifth year Marketing student with a concentration in Business Analytics. Besides school, you can catch me playing guitar and visiting cafes with friends. Feel free to reach out if you see me around :)

Caleb Chang

VP Marketing

Hello! I’m Caleb, a third-year student in Media Studies combined with the Master of Management Dual Degree at UBC, with a focus in digital marketing. In my spare time, I love playing basketball or volleyball, eating out with friends, and creating videos. I’m always eager to meet new people, so feel free to reach out and connect anytime! 

Emily Liu

Design Director

Heyy!! I’m Emily, a first year BCom student thinking of specializing in Marketing with a concentration in business law or sustainability. During my free time, I like to stay home and spend time watching a movie or building a puzzle. And I also love watching the sunset and sunrise (if I could wake up) with friends~ Feel free to reach out!!

Sarah Chow

Design Director

Hi! I’m Sarah, a fourth-year UBC Sauder student specializing in Marketing with a concentration in Business Analytics. In my spare time, you’ll find me grabbing dairy-free ice cream at Earnest, hitting (or trying to) PR's at the gym, or catching sunsets across campus. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat!

Crystal He

Digital Marketing Director

Hey! I’m Crystal and I’m going into my third year at Sauder hoping to pursue a specialisation in BTM and Business Analytics. In my free time, you can find me at the gym or trying out new restaurants in Vancouver! Always open to meeting new people so feel free to come say hi anytime!!


Paulino Tan

VP Events

Hey, I'm Paulino! I'm a fourth-year B+MM student majoring in Political Science. I enjoy running, cooking, working out in the gym, and playing mahjong. I’m usually around campus and working out at the Arc after class, so if you ever see me, say hi and let’s enjoy a great workout together:)

Chloe Armstrong

Logistics Director

Hey! I'm Chloe and I am a fourth-year Sauder student specializing in Marketing with a concentration in Business Analytics. Outside of school, I love to ski, watch sunsets at the beach, go thrifting, and read. Feel free to reach out anytime if you want to chat!
Connecting the dots to make exciting things happen!

Tina Zou

Logistics Director

Hello! My name is Tina and I am a third year Marketing student at UBC Sauder! You'll most likely find me being a tourist around UBC, trying to find study spaces in IKB, or downtown with my friends! I love being outside in nature, listening to new music, and working out! Come say hi if you see me!

Yash Katireddy

Logistics Director

Hey! My name is Yash and I'm a third year UBC Sauder student specializing in Marketing and BTM. I love playing and watching basketball and hockey, snowboarding, and watching the office over for the nth time. I’m always looking for new spots to go out and eat in Vancouver so hit me up with suggestions!

corporate relations

Meet our external brand representatives.

Ashley Hilbers

Partnerships Director

Hey! I'm Ashley and I'm a second year Sauder student. In my free time, I enjoy snowboarding, going for hikes, and exploring the city. Find me listening to music 24/7 and looking for concert tickets. I love meeting new people, so feel free to reach out!

Sakura Gibson

Corporate Relations Director

Hello! My name is Sakura and I’m a second-year student at UBC Sauder with a passion for marketing. When I'm not studying, you can find me on drives with friends, exploring trendy Vancouver cafes, and traveling to experience new cultures. Come say hi if you see me!

Minnie Tanglertsampan

Corporate Relations Director

Hi guys, I’m Minnie, and I’m a third-year Finance and Marketing student. Outside of classes, I can be found exploring new eats around Vancouver, drinking my daily dose of matcha latte, or spending my entire paycheck on clothes. My goal is to be more active so please hit me up for a workout buddy!
Priya's headshot.png

Priya Sidhu

Corporate Relations Director

Hello! I’m Priya and I will be an incoming third-year student specializing in Marketing! In my free time I love hanging out with my friends and trying new dessert places, I have a BIG sweet tooth. I also love travelling and fun fact I even have an RV :)

Amy Guo

VP Corporate Relations

Hey! I'm Amy and I'm a second year Sauder student hoping to go into marketing! I LOVE getting my nails done and anything material girl. Feel free to message me to chat about anything! I'm always down for a good convo or a good adventure. 
Lily Trinh Headshot.jpeg

Lily Trinh

Corporate Relations Director

Lily (she/her/hers) is a 5th-year Commerce student specializing in Marketing with a concentration in Business Analytics and Sustainability. She joined UBCMA as a Corporate Relations Director to continue her journey in the world of marketing, meet new people who share the same passions, and build everlasting relationships.

Gia Khanna

Corporate Relations Director

Hi! I’m Gia and I’m a second-year student at Sauder, hoping to specialize in Marketing! In my free time, I love to play soccer, try new restaurants, watch Seth Rogen movies and I LOVE making new playlists! If you have any good songs or just want to chat about literally anything, feel free to reach out! :)
Cheers to the team behind the scenes!

Eric Lu

VP Finance and Technology

Hey! My name is Eric and I'm a fourth year Business and Computer Science student. I won't be taking classes this year, but I'm staying in UBCMA because I need to touch grass. Besides UBCMA, I also love music, programming, and my family.

James Shi

Technology Director

Hey, I'm James, a 2nd year Sauder student with a passion for software dev! I’m beyond excited to be working with UBCMA this year and would love to meet you at our events. You can find me on campus studying at IKB, lifting at Birdcoop, or playing soccer with friends.

finance and technology

headshot square.jpg

Indy Sowy

Technology Director

Hi! I'm Indy, a second-year Arts student going into co-op for my third year. I like to spend my free time watching films, traveling, exploring restaurants around Vancouver, and (unfortunately) spending my paycheck on clothes. Hit me up if you want to go on a shopping spree together!


Yasmine Eid

VP Studios

Hi hello! I’m a 5th year student specializing in Marketing interested in brand and CPG. I’m a big foodie and love exploring new restaurants in Vancouver (I still haven't tried Danbo tho, can I still call myself a foodie?). If you have recos on things to do before graduating, hit me up so I can add them to my list (I LOVE lists!) :)
the caretakers behind our pro-bono marketing consulting services!

Geonwoo Park

Studios Director

from digital marketing ubcma -> studios-ing the studios portfolio


Cindy Wang

VP Internal

Hi everyone! My name is Cindy and I am a fourth year Marketing student! I love travelling, meeting new people and trying new hobbies. I just picked up crocheting and I have been loving it. If you ever wanna get coffee and do a craft I am your girl! I also love trying new places to eat so if see me and have a recommendation, say hi!

Bernice Favis

Marketing/Events Advisor

Hey, I’m Bernice! I’m in my third year at Sauder specializing in Marketing and BTM in pursuit of a career that marries brand strategy and visual design. Catch me around campus and say hello—you'll most probably find me camping out at Sauder, grabbing my nth coffee of the day at Great Dane, or playing tennis at the Totem courts! Feel free to reach out anytime as well; always happy to chat!

Ethaniel Tan

CR/Studios Advisor

Hey, I'm Ethaniel and I'm in my third year at Sauder! I love working with teams to bring creative strategy and storytelling to complex problems, which is why I'm specializing in Marketing with a concentration in Business Analytics! If you don't catch me in class or doing a case, I'm likely grabbing food with friends, home with my dog and guitar, or building up the courage to film a vlog! I love meeting new people so feel free to reach out and give me a real excuse to skip class :)

Challen Wu

Fintech Advisor

Hey! I'm Challen, a fourth year student who loves Marketing but decided to specialize in Finance for some reason. My passions include food, music, sports, and learning new things. I hate studying so if you ever see me at school, please say hi and save me.
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