our mission is built

upon three pillars

Home to over 300 members, the UBC Marketing Association is one of the largest clubs and only marketing club at UBC. As the CUS Top Large Club (17', 18', 20', 22') along with Conference of the Year (20'), UBCMA strives to continue providing students the highest quality club experience through its three core pillars: Educate, Engage, and Execute. With our high-stakes case competitions, company fairs, mentorship programs, and action-packed networking conferences, UBCMA creates meaningful connections for students to the marketing industry—for the chance to become the next big marketer.

Educate: provide practical, real-world learning to marketing and instill inspiration in students to pursue marketing

Engage: facilitate the connection between students and industry professionals to support student career advancement.

Execute: create opportunities for students to fully apply their marketing skills and knowledge at various levels

meet the mafamily

Larry Chen


Hi there, I'm Larry! I'm a fourth year student specializing in Marketing. This year I've been a Project Manager for SAP and a Brand Manager for PepsiCo Beverages Canada. Outside of work and school, I'm a huge fan of kdramas, love to go out to eat, and always pour my milk before my cereal.

Aaron Kondolay


Hello! I'm Aaron, a 4th-year student at UBC Sauder School of Business specializing in Marketing, with a concentration in Sustainability & Social Impact. Whenever I'm not grinding for my next midterm, I love hiking, travelling, and watching movies (especially horror). Feel free to reach out if you ever want to chat!

Eric Lu

Vice President Internal

Hey! My name is Eric and I'm a second year student hoping to specialize in general. I love my family, friends, and activities like washing the dishes and riding the bus. I've been listening to one album a day this past year and would love to hear your recommendations! Feel free to reach out at any time regarding anything.


Caden Chan

Vice President Finance

My name is Caden but my friends call me UBCMA VP Finance. I'm a third-year BCom student and I have a strong interest in both finance and marketing associations.

Ethaniel Tan

Vice President Corporate Relations

Hey! My name is Ethaniel and I'm in my second-year at Sauder, hoping to specialize in Marketing with a specialization in Business Analytics! If you don't catch me on campus doing school or cases, I'm probably either eating out with friends, hanging with my dog, playing guitar, or doing some boxing! Hit me up if you ever wanna grab food or just chat!

Challen Wu

Corporate Relations Director

I’m Larry, a 3rd-year student at the UBC Sauder School of Business specializing in Marketing and Business Technology Management, with a concentration in Business Law. I’m a big fan of coffee and dining out, so when you can’t find me on campus doing something, I’m probably out eating!
Hey! I'm Challen, a third year student who loves Marketing but decided to specialize in Finance for some reason. My passions include food, music, sports, and learning new things. I hate studying so if you ever see me at school, please say hi and save me.

Kelly Huang

Corporate Relations Director

Hello hello! I'm Kelly, a fourth year student passionate about Marketing but specializing in Accounting & BTM. I love to hike and read during my spare time! Highly recommend Paper Towns by John Green if you need a book to join your cup of coffee.

Grace Lee

Corporate Relations Director

Hey– I’m Grace, a 2nd year student at UBC Sauder hoping to specialize in marketing. I love anything fashion related and I’m always dreaming about the next outfits I can wear. I also love impromptu adventures with friends, meeting new people and trying out new food places around Vancouver!

Anna Ma

Corporate Relations Director

Hello! I'm Anna, a third-year accounting student (who honestly should be in marketing). I love discovering new recipes, singing, and kickboxing! I'm currently vibing to music from DEAN; hit me up to vibe together over some Rain or Shine london fog ice cream!

Jessie Tran

Vice President Events

Hi! I'm Jessie and I'm a fourth year marketing student with a concentration in business analytics. I'm a big fan of eating out and having a chill night in with my friends. Don't bring me to the club please cause I hate it there. In my spare time, I love playing volleyball, taking my dog to the park, or playing the piano.

Matthew Cole

Logistics Director

Hey there! My name is Matthew and I am a third year Sauder student specializing in Marketing. In my free time, I have a passion for sports, film, and motorsport! I also love to eat Japanese food, so if any of these topics interest you feel free to reach out to me to keep the conversation going!
Logistics Director - Michelle Guo Headshot_edited.jpg

Michelle Guo

Logistics Director

Hi! I'm Michelle and I'm in my fourth year studying marketing and op log! I'm a huge fan of winter sports and love skiing and playing ice hockey in my spare time. I'm currently on co-op with Samsung for 2 terms so feel free to ask me any questions if you're interested.

Lamisa Lamiya

Vice President Marketing

Hi, I'm Lamisa, a fifth year Marketing and Business Analytics student. Outside school, I am super keen on makeup artistry and cooking and I love documenting both. You're most likely to find me in line for iced coffee or at a beach and if you do, definitely say hello!

Carmen Chuong

Communications Director

Hey there! I'm Carmen and I'm a second-year BCom student intending on pursuing a specializing in Marketing and a concentration in Business Analytics. Whenever, I'm not in Birmingham (no really, I'm always there), I love going on walks and watching thrillers! Feel free to reach out if you want to chat (about absolutely anything!)

Anton Pizarro

Visual Media Director

I’m Anton Pizarro and I am a 3rd-year student at UBC Sauder School of Business. I have a deep passion for visual art and design that I practice in graphic design, street photography, and painting. Still, I’m always looking for new ways to express that—feel free to connect if you're just as interested as I am!

Caleb Chang

Visual Media Director

Hello! I’m Caleb, a second-year student in Media Studies combined with Master of Management Dual Degree at UBC, with a focus in digital marketing. In my spare time, I love playing basketball or volleyball, eating out with friends, and creating videos. I’m always eager to meet new people, so feel free to reach out and connect anytime!

Bernice Favis

Visual Media Director

Hey, I’m Bernice! I’m going into my second year at Sauder and I intend to specialize in Marketing and BTM to forward my career interests in brand strategy and visual design! Outside of work, you'll most probably find me watching a good movie, endlessly scrolling through Pinterest, or getting myself tan by taking a walk out or playing tennis. If you’re interested in any of these things or would be down for a chat, feel free to reach out!

Shuyu Kang

Visual Media Director

Hi! I'm Shuyu and I am a second year student, intended to specialize in marketing. You can always find me by the beach watching sunsets with my friends or buying tulips at the flower store! I also love to watch old movies, listen to jazz and go to art exhibitions. If you are interested in any of these please feel free to chat with me!

Sarah Chow

Visual Media Director

Hi! I’m Sarah, a second-year UBC Sauder student intending to specialize in Marketing. In my spare time, you’ll find me catching sunsets across campus, working out, or waiting in line for the best coconut chocolate ice cream at Rain or Shine. I also love listening to new music, so feel free to send me any recommendations!
Professional Charles.jpg

Charles Liu

Technology Director

Hey! I'm Charles, a third year Business and Computer Science student. I love watching new shows, playing badminton, or going out for a good drink with friends. I am also a big fan of the outdoors when it's not raining in Vancouver. Say hi if you ever see me around Sauder!

Tina Zou

First Year Representative

Hello! My name is Tina and I am a first year student in Sauder intending to pursue a specialization in marketing! Most of the time you'll catch me in Harvest buying my first meal of the day at 2pm, being a tourist around UBC, and trying to find study spaces in the CLC. I love being outside in nature, listening to new music, and working out! Come say hi if you see me rushing to my 8:30am class in the morning!

Amy Guo

First Year Representative

Hey! I'm Amy and I'm a first year Sauder student intending to specialize in marketing. When I'm not stressing over econ, you'll catch me going out with my friends, buying overpriced meals and taking good naps. Feel free to message me anytime to chat about anything! I love anything music or fashion related!

Jessica Yue

Executive Advisor

Hi! I'm Jessica—full-time third year UBC student, part-time chai tea enthusiast. I love creating content, telling stories, and exploring the intersection between graphic design and tech. Find me building my Pinterest board and blogging about the newest restaurant! If you're interested in tech or just want to chat, let's connect!
Jess Professional.jpg
Lydia - LinkedIn.jpg

Lydia Yoon

Corporate Relations Advisor

Hello! I’m Lydia – fifth year Marketing and Business Analytics student at UBC Sauder and the grandma of UBCMA. I’m a big fan of painting, sunsets, and painting sunsets. I also like marketing, food, and marketing food. Always happy to chat!